The Open Slate by Radhika is a vision for a city and culture that belongs to each of us, that unifies and diversifies us as locals, explorers, personalities and talents. We provide a rich potpourri of experiences, for you to have front row tickets to all that the city has to offer, to craft and tell your own stories within and outside your identity as an Ahmedabadi- as an individual or an organization, and to embrace a sense of community which offers much needed solace and joy for any of us feeling alone in a crowded world.

It all began when Ahmedabad-born Radhika Bhuptani returned from Mumbai to her hometown, as a Brand Consulting expert and Creative Founder of the erstwhile Concept Inc. In the years to come and with an experience of over 12 years in the industry, she created impeccable positioning, experiences and success stories for exclusive brands across Gujarat, all the while moving closer to finally realizing her dream- for Ahmedabad to have its own brand storytelling digital platform and community- a virtual milieu of everyone and everything worth knowing of in one of the fastest developing cities in the world. A path-breaking team of brand experts and digital community was conceptualized in September 2018- The Open Slate by Radhika- which brought together a team of fabulous Amdavadi women who shared her passion and zeal, and packed a punch with their assimilated skills and talents. Together, we bring to you, our dream, the answer to a question you have been asking- The Open Slate.

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