Established in 2018 as Ahmedabad’s only company that offers a local brand a 360 degree solution kit, The Open Slate is a platform that seeks to capture the heart of one of the fastest developing cities in the world. We curate end to end experiences for a brand- from strategizing on content, to creating a communication plan, to anchoring an event aimed at the most exclusive database of the city, to promoting a brand/individual. We are known to design immersive experiences in all that we do, to a discerning member base.

We are also the leading lifestyle guide of the city, we articulate brand stories by harnessing the power of online and the intimacy of offline in an insightful manner. We show you the best of what our city has to offer- in its food, people, culture and ecosystem, all the while also bringing to you novelty and worldliness via associating with some of the biggest nationwide and global brands and generating unprecedented value for every stakeholder, including our beloved audience.

Our fast-growing, vibrant digital community is our ace card, where we offer you quality over quantity, attention over mindless scrolling, influence over the mundane, and design thinking like none other. Our first and foremost client and audience for any association or campaign remains this community, one we strive to better and develop everyday, with curated yet organic exposures, engagements and stories.

We believe in curating meaningful experiences for our clients, for events/ campaigns which you want branded in the audience’s memory. From designing and organizing a conceptual event around a sale at an eminent store to launch parties of some of the biggest labels in Ahmedabad, we’ve done it all, and done it well! To know more on the same, write to us for an event!

Our founder Radhika Bhuptani has several years of experience as a brand consultant and is among Ahmedabad’s most credible and recommended names across domains in this space. She has crafted brand positioning, communication and pitches in ways that generate mass adoption and incredible brand recall. To know more on the same, write to us for a collaboration!

Content Creator

  • Promote your brand, business or event
  • Product & Event Listings
  • Weekly Trends
  • Food Guides
  • Travel GuidesGuides
  • Shopping Guides

Online To Offline Conversations

  • Product / Brand Launches
  • In-Store Activations
  • Pop-Up Curation
  • Digital Ad Campaigns
  • Lifestyle and Luxury Events

Influencer Collaborations

  • Onboard local brand ambassadors to endorse your product
  • Positive affirmation through multiple voices

Lead Generation & Digital Campaigns

  • Guest List for Events
  • B2B Leads & Association
  • Outdoor Campaigns
  • Digital Ad Campaigns
  • Contests & Giveaways